The institute offers the students in its fold a unique opportunity to develop an all-round personality through multifaceted curriculum and numerous facilities to excel in various spheres. The curriculum for classes up to V in junior level, secondary level and senior secondary level prepares the students for the examination conducted under C.B.S.E.

Subject Offered at the senior secondary level are as followed.

English English English English
Physics Physics Accountancy Accountancy
Chemistry Chemistry Business Study Business Study
Mathematics Biology Economics Economics
PHE PHE Mathematics PHE


  1. The co-curricular activities that are open to students are divided in different categories. The main objective is to enrol maximum participation of the students so as to gear up the hidden entropy in students. Winners are selected and awarded by the Principal on the very next Wednesday during the morning assembly.
  2. House system has been set up for co-curricular activities where inter-house competitions are organized as follows :
  1. Calligraphy
  2. Singing
  3. Fun races
  4. Dance competitions.
  5. Paper tearing and pasting.
  6. Recitation of action rhyme.
  7. Story/Poem narration with action.
  8. Show and talk.
  9. Painting.
  10. Rakhi making competition.
  11. Grandparents day celebration.
  12. Fancy dress competition.
  1. Extempore (Hindi/ English).
  2. Debate (Hindi/ English) & Quiz programmes.
  3. Daily games.
  4. Exhibitions
  5. Pragmatics society.
  6. English / Science/ Eco club.
  7. Clay modelling/ Doll making/ Puppetry.
  8. Photography
  9. Indoor and outdoor games/ Yoga.
  10. Audio/ Video programmes by T.V., L.C.D., Tape recorder
  11. Choreography
  12. Fabric painting music, Art/ craft work.
  13. E-classes.


Birthdays are celebrated in the school assembly only. No celebration is permitted in the classes.


The school has a system of continuous assessment and evaluation through assignments, projects, unit tests, exams. The cumulative report card reflects all the marks and grades obtained by the students. At the end of the academic session, the totality of all parameters is taken into consideration for promotion to the next class. The complete stem of examination is based on C.B.S.E pattern. A consolidated performance report of the child for co-curricular activities will be shown to the parents through report cards at the end of every term.


Summer Boys Girls
White half sleeve shirt with embroidered monogram. White half sleeve shirt with embroidered monogram.
Grey/ White Shorts (I to V) Grey plated tunic (I to VII),
Grey/ White Trouser (VI to XII) White divided skirt (I to VII)
------- V-neck Grey / white Kurta, White Salwar, White /maroon dupatta (VIII to XII)
Black leather/ white canvas shoes, gray socks, School tie, school belt Black leather bellies/ white canvas shoes, grey/ white stockings (I-VII) Grey/ White socks (VIII-XII) School tie, school belt, Red/ White ribbon
For Sikh - Complete tradition turban (Maroon and white in colour) Two plaited hair ( I to X), One plaited hair (XI to XII).
Winter Bottle Green blazer with school monogram and brass button Bottle Green blazer with school monogram and brass button
White full sleeve shirt (I to XII) White full sleeve shirt (I to VII)
----- V-neck woollen grey kurta.
V shaped half sleeve, grey pullover. V shaped half sleeve, grey pullover.
Grey woollen trouser Grey woollen plated tunic (I-VII)
Track Suit Set of track suit along with sport shoes.( Class VIII to XII) Set of track suit along with sport shoes.( Class VIII to XII)

With the increasing urbanisation, there has been an utter need of education in all Stratus of society. The competition to acquire the basic comforts of life has added to the zeal of gaining knowledge for various job requirements. This struggle is more tedious for the rural youth.Despite the rapid modernisation any sort of progress seems difficult without proper creation of environment for effective pastrol care and support.


To inspire the children to become self reliant individuals dedicated to the upliftment of the society and to imbibe the qualities of diligence, hard work, faithfulness, justice, honesty and truthfulness so as to transcend to worthy citizens of the nation.


S.K. Public School Endeavours to impart quality and value based education in the best possible way in tune with the global standards to cater to the needs of our nation in general and society in particular. The institution believes in विद्या ददाति विनयम् which means education encourages inquisitiveness and perseverance. Keeping this burning desire for acquisition of knowledge through education we emphasize on all round development of the student so as to enable him to undertake bigger challenges and responsibilities at functional levels.