Our Staff (PGT)

Our Staff (PGT)

Our Staff (PGT)

S. K. Public School has highly qualified and experienced staff so that the students get the higher standards of education and overall developments.

Below is a brief listing of PRTs.

S.No. Teacher's Name Picture
1 Name. Mr. Giraja shankar
Husband Name. Mr. Kewla Nand
Post. Teacher (PGT Chemistry)
D.O.B. 01/06/1983
Adhar No. 810504473942
Address:- Awas vikash EWS 295 Haldwani (Nainital)
Pin. 263139
Qua. M.sc (CTET)
Blood G. -
Prof. Qua. B.Ed.
2 Name. Mr. Chandra Prakash Saxena
Father's Name. Mr. Prem Prakash Saxena
Post. Teacher (PGT-ECO)
D.O.B. 12/7/1970
Adhar No. 420442306901
Address:- 194 / 4, Sainik Colony, Sanjay Nagar, Bareilly
Pin. 243122
Qua. M.A
Blood G. A+
Prof. Qua. B.Ed.
3 Name. Mr. Harish Kumar
Father's Name. Mr. Subhash Chand
Post. Teacher (PGT- Accountancy)
D.O.B. 5/7/1990
Adhar No. 983979104002
Address:- 120, MO. 3 Patti Deshwal Dist. Baghpat
Pin. -
Qua. M.Com. (L.L.B)
Blood G. B+
Prof. Qua. B.Ed.
4 Name. Mrs. Sadaf
Husband Name. Mr. Firoz Mirza
Post. Teacher (PGT- Physics )
D.O.B. 17/10/1988
Adhar No. 327338502972
Address:- 12-A, Ashraf Khan, Pilibhit
Pin. 262001
Qua. M.Sc. (Physics)
Blood G. B+
Prof. Qua. B.Ed.
5 Name. Mr. Pramod Sharma
Father's Name. Mr. Ramendra Kumar Sharma
Post. Teacher (PGT- Mathematics )
D.O.B. 1/7/1981
Adhar No. 794710229833
Address:- H. No. 97, SantNagar, AirForce, Barreilly UP
Pin. 243122
Qua. M.Sc.(IT)
Blood G. AB+
Prof. Qua. B.Ed.
6 Name. Mr. Laxman Singh Bisht
Father's Name. Mr. P.S. Bisht
Post. Teacher (PGT- English )
D.O.B. 28/11/1988
Adhar No. 247079045080
Address:- SKPS, Majhola, Khatima, U.K
Pin. 262302
Qua. M.A (Eng)
Blood G. B+
Prof. Qua. B.Ed.
7 Name. Mr. Pankaj Kashyap
Father's Name. Mr. Arun Kashyap
Post. Teacher (PGT- Business Studies )
D.O.B. 28/02/1981
Adhar No. 497054551698
Address:- Air Force Force, Izzatnagar, Bareilly
Pin. 243122
Qua. M.Com
Blood G. B+
Prof. Qua. B.Ed.
8 Name. Mr. Narendra Dev Sharma
Father's Name. Mr. Roshan Lal Sharma
Post. Teacher (PGT- English)
D.O.B. 10/7/1972
Adhar No. 584243975051
Address:- Gosai Gautia, Jogi Nawada, Bareilly
Pin. 243006
Qua. M.A
Blood G. B+
Prof. Qua. B.Ed.
9 Name. Mr. Diwan Singh Negi
Father's Name. Mr. Amar Singh
Post. Teacher (PGT- Physical Education)
D.O.B. 10/6/1978
Adhar No. 481028121368
Address:- Vill. Ulgaur, PO. Lohali, Nainital, UK
Pin. 263135
Qua. M.com
Blood G. O+
Prof. Qua. B.Ed.
10 Name. Mr. Arvind Deval
Father's Name. Mr. Shivcharan Lal
Post. Teacher (PGT- Physical Education)
D.O.B. 8/4/1977
Adhar No. 658602854998
Address:- Sungari, PP. Gandhi Stadium, Pilibhit UP
Pin. 262001
Qua. M.A
Blood G. O+
Prof. Qua. B.Ed.
11 Name. Mrs. Updesh Sharma
Husband Name. Mr. Aditya Prakash
Post. Teacher (PGT)
D.O.B. 15/01/1962
Adhar No. 810504473942
Address:- H.No. 672, Siklapur, Bareilly Collage
Pin. 242305
Qua. M.A
Blood G. O+
Prof. Qua. B.Ed.

Our Principal

S.M. Public Schools Principal
Principal (S.K. Public School)

Mr. BRIJESH BHATT, has been appointed as Principal of S. K. Public School by the management committee of the school. He has a rich experience of teaching and administration of more than 20 years, in various schools. 
He is a highly qualified and profound person having long experience of many dimensions in the field of education.
He is M.S.C (Maths), along with B. Ed. With his experience behind him, the school is looking forward to become one of the leading institutions of the area.


With the increasing urbanisation, there has been an utter need of education in all Stratus of society. The competition to acquire the basic comforts of life has added to the zeal of gaining knowledge for various job requirements. This struggle is more tedious for the rural youth.Despite the rapid modernisation any sort of progress seems difficult without proper creation of environment for effective pastrol care and support.


To inspire the children to become self reliant individuals dedicated to the upliftment of the society and to imbibe the qualities of diligence, hard work, faithfulness, justice, honesty and truthfulness so as to transcend to worthy citizens of the nation.


S.K. Public School Endeavours to impart quality and value based education in the best possible way in tune with the global standards to cater to the needs of our nation in general and society in particular. The institution believes in विद्या ददाति विनयम् which means education encourages inquisitiveness and perseverance. Keeping this burning desire for acquisition of knowledge through education we emphasize on all round development of the student so as to enable him to undertake bigger challenges and responsibilities at functional levels.