Our Campus

Senior Branch Campus

Situated in the outskirts of the town of Majhola, the school provides a state of the art infrastructure away from the chaos and noise of city life. Our digitally enhanced classrooms are well lit & spacious which create the right atmosphere for learning. All three Science Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry & Biology are well equipped to provide maximum practical knowledge to students. Our Computer Lab is well connected to internet and internal networking to enhance the computer skills and coding skills in students. Music room and Art and Craft room provides the space for creativity and skill development. Our large playground provides the students a chance to participate in various sports activities and enhance physical health. Our newly constructed mini auditorium provides a platform for training sessions and seminars along with a stage for various co-curricular activities. Through our infrastructure we try to provide a platform to students in all fields of interest (academics, sport & cocurricular activities) so that they can utilize and realize their true potential.

Little Champs Campus

In the heart of Majhola is situated our campus for the Little Champs of Kindergarten. This lively and joyful campus provides the best atmosphere to young minds to have their own space and platform to learn and shine. As only Kindergarten classes are run in this campus the small children have complete space to themselves making the atmosphere more conducive to learn. The children are under the expert supervision of caring Headmaster and loving teachers who help them take their first step in the learning process. The campus is equipped with smart Lead classes which make learning fun and interesting. The course followed is full of activities and games to enhance different skills of young children.

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