1. Should co-operate with school in terms of upbringing the regularity, punctuality and discipline. They should check the almanac every day and note the home work and other instructions provided in the diary. They are advised to check the bags of their wards to see if any circular/ invitation etc. has been issued or it contains any unwanted item.
  2. Please ensure that your child comes to school in clean, well ironed and tidy school uniform.
  3. Don't criticise the school or teachers in presence of the child because it causes the student to lose respect for teachers with the consequent, failure to learn from them and in turn retards her/ his own progress.
  4. Parents are advised to regularly check the tendency of absenteeism while signing the absent records.
  5. Please see that your ward:-
    • Is punctual and regular.
    • Has plain and simple hair style.
    • Keeps short and clean finger nails.
    • Uses red/ white band (if a girl student).
    • Brings the lunch box labelled with name, class/ section stuffed with fresh and hygienic food regularly.
    • No short leave shall be allowed during the school hours.
    • Takes your signature in diary whenever required.
    • Is strictly discouraged to bring mobile phone to the school.
  6. Attends the school regularly and is never late. In case of absence the parents are expected to write the reason in the diary and sign it.
  7. You are requested to visit the school on every PTM ass per schedule, to find out the progress of the ward.
  8. Merit certificate will be given by the school for meritorious achievements.
  9. Please find the day to day activities mentioned in the diary and kindly sign the notice given in the diary.
  10. Switch off the mobile phone in the school campus as and when you are on a visit.
  11. Students must be in school premises at least 15 minutes before the 1st bell.
  12. A child suffering from any disease should not be sent to school till his recovery. However the concerned student has to submit a medical certificate duly issued by an authorized medical officer.
  13. The school authorities are not responsible for the loss of money, books, articles or clothing of the students.
  14. You are requested not to go to the classroom without seeking prior permission of the principal and that too during visiting hours only.
  15. The children are provided with prescribed books, proper note books and required stationery.
  16. Avoid communication with the Principal or Management Committee over the phone. Concerned people may inquire any matter during visiting hours.
  17. Any school property must be handled with complete care. Any damage that is caused, the concerned student is liable to be penalised.
  18. Students are strictly prohibited to bring any valuables to the school. If so school shall recover them and the same shall be returned only after an enquiry from you. It may be mobile, ornament, calculator, video game or any other article in question.
  19. Absence of any student just before and immediately after the vacation would be considered as an act of indiscipline.
  20. All correspondence regarding school matters should be addressed to the principal and the same shall be addressed as per the time mentioned in the diary.
  21. For any other information or enquiry please contact the school at 05882-272726, 272690, during school hours.

LEAVE / ABSENCE may be allowed in a very special cases by the principal:

  1. Any absence from the school must be explained in the "Absence record" by the parents.
  2. If the leave is more than three days besides notice in the diary, the explanation in a separate letter must be added and sanctioned by the Principal.
  3. Long leave will be allowed on medical grounds and medical certificate must be issued by an authorized medical officer. It has to be submitted along with the leave application.
  4. Leave like marriage of close relative (Blood relation) shall be allowed for maximum 4 days only after submission of an application with invitation card submitted in office two days in advance.
  5. A student may not be allowed to sit in annual examinations if he/ she has not attained minimum of 75 percent of the attendance in an academic session.
  6. Short leave or half day leave shall not be accepted. (Exception to exigency).
  7. All students are expected to attend the school on the opening day after each of the vacation or long holidays.


  1. All dues are to be paid strictly in advance before 10th of every month. Fees may also be paid yearly, Half Yearly or term by term.
  2. Fees must be paid even for the months when the student has been absent.
  3. Parents are requested to keep the fee receipt issued to them and provide the same as proof of payment if so required.
  4. No reduction, exemption is to be made for vacation or mid-term.
  5. Ensure the payment of the fees in time, failing which a fine of Rs. 50 will be imposed as penalty for next 15 days. 6. Fees once deposited shall not be refunded in any circumstances what so ever.
  6. All the dues are to be paid in cash in either of the buildings.
  7. Parents are requested to inform the class teacher immediately after every deposit by mentioning it in writing in the diary.


  1. The application form should be filled with all possible accuracy. Details once entered in the admission register will be altered only if a sworn affidavit can be produced.
  2. Candidates from other school must produce a transfer certificate.
  3. Student leaving the school due to any reason are directed to submit an advance notice to the school office.
  4. A student failing twice in the same class will not be allowed to continue his/ her studies in the school.
  5. Any application for T.C. shall be accepted only after clearing all other dues including annual and tuition fees.


  1. The school gate will be closed after first bell rings.
  2. All late arrivals will have to explain genuine reasons for coming late.
  3. Three late arrivals in a month would lead to the student being sent back home.


The principal reserves the rights to dismiss any student from the school rolls. Student whose conduct is against the moral code of conduct of the school. Immorality in word or deed, intentional damage to school property, condemning the rules, lack of diligence are sufficient grounds for dismissal. The principal also reserves the right to suspend any student for any certain period of time depending on the gravity of misconduct.


At the beginning of the session, the school will be ready reckoned for the parents reflecting the entire session's planning of the school. You are expected to follow the calendar regarding school activities.


Parents please read the following rules & regularities.
  1. The school has a well-managed fleet of buses to commute its students to and from. This facility will be provided on payment for the session as a whole.
  2. The school bus/ conveyance can be availed by submitting an application along with a passport size recent colour photograph with the filled form to the class teacher. The card will be issued within three days.
  3. Every student will be issued a bus card with allotted bus stops. No student will be allowed to travel without bus card in any school bus.
  4. The drivers are directed to stop buses at the required stops only.
  5. The conveyance facility, if discontinued in between the year, payment will be realised for the rest of the period, whether he/she avails the bus facility or not. Those who avail bus / van facility in between the year, will also be required to pay fees for full year.
  6. Advance information through application should reach the school office to avail bus facility.
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